ETHERUSH is a exciting blockchain-based game where you will play a space mining company operating on Callisto. The goal in ETHERUSH is to discover and grow the value of your lands, then trade them, or the resources you’ve found, for profit.

Getting started

Who is eligible to take part in the ETHERUSH presale?

Everybody with a computer running Chrome or Firefox, a digital wallet and Ethereum.

What is the benefit of participating in the ETHERUSH presale?

In addition to enter the game at the lowest price, you will become a Block Angel and help us to create tomorrow’s cryptogames

What do i need to play ETHERUSH?

  1. Installing your digital wallet
  2. Convert your currency on the Ethereum network
  3. Buy a Bundle (presale) or a plot (sale) on the ETHERUSH Website

How to install a digital wallet?

We support all digital wallets, like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust. You’ll need to put money in your wallet to make your first purchase.
A digital wallet acts like a bank account, make sure you don’t forget your password or seed words. Your public wallet address (e.g. 0xaba935f589805095a892ecefdb6eb83eff45d67) is a unique identifier for your wallet. It’s like a name. You can share it freely with others, and it’s used to direct assets to your wallet. Wallets are independent programs that ETHERUSH does not in any way control. It means that we can’t help with resetting passwords, it also means we can never forcibly remove assets from your wallet.

How to convert your currency on the Ethereum network?

You can’t use USD/EUR to directly buy a ETHERUSH Bundles — currencies need to be converted into ETH first.
Ether is a digital currency that powers the Ethereum network, which is what ETHERUSH is built on. Ether acts like any other currency — its value fluctuates with the market.
Some wallets let you buy currency directly, depending on the wallet and where you live.
If your wallet doesn’t let you buy currency, you will need to purchase ETH from an exchange, and then transfer the ETH from your exchange wallet to your digital wallet.
If it’s your first time purchasing ether, your exchange will need to verify your identify; that can take a day or two. In addition, if you need to link a bank account to your exchange (rather than a credit card), your bank may need a few more days to verify the charges.

How to buy a Bundle or a Plot?

You just have to explore Callisto here, click on the map or use the drop down menu to select the Bundle or the Plot you want. Bundles or Plots already sold can’t be selected.


How do I win in ETHERUSH?

ETHERUSH is a speculation game as Monopoly but it’s not a competitive game as every players could win. You will can buy and sell plots, mine them to find ETH rewards or resources and upgrade your infrastructures to increase your chance of winning.

Where do I go to take part in the ETHERUSH presale?

On ETHERUSH official website, you just have to click here.

How much does it cost to play ETHERUSH?

Presale will last 9 weeks with degressive discounts from one week to the next, you could find the prices range here. The final price for a simple plot will be 0.20 ETH.

I just bought my first ETHERUSH Bundle, what’s next?

A Bundle is like a card game booster, what’s in inside is kept surprise until ETHERUSH game really begins. At this time, you’ll discover all the attributes of each plot of the bundle and choose to mine or sell them.

What is the difference between a bundle and plot?

A Bundle is made of plots, 4 Plots for the small bundle and 16 Plots for the large one. Buy a bundle is the way to acquire plots for the lower price. Bundles are only sold during ETHERUSH presale. After that, you could buy only plots.

What will I find inside my plots?

You could find some resources and rewards.
Resources will serve as raw materials to upgrade and customize plots.
Rewards could be sell to the Consortium in exchange of ETH in our store.
These ETH will come from rewards pool, built with the amount of 20% of all transactions on the platform (presale, shop sales, sales between players and the platform).
For more informations regarding resources and rewards, you just have to click here.

How many ETHERUSH plots do I need to play?

You can play to ETHERUSH with only one Plot, but the more you have, the more you can build your strategy and win more ETH.

I bought a bundle and I want to sell it.

Once presale is over, Landlords could sell the plot(s) they own sell the plots he wants in Etherush store.

And what about Free-to-play?

Each operation on Ethereum has a cost (gas), so the ETHERUSH core gameplay can not be free. But ETHERUSH is more than a collectible or trading game. A Free-to-play mode interacting with the core gameplay will be launched in a seconde phase. At this time, players can play either on the core gameplay or in Free-to-play Mod only, or both. The Free-to-play modewill be a construction and management simulation game interacting with the speculation game on blockchain.

Transactions and Technical Questions

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a read-only interface for the Ethereum network. It tells you everything that’s happened on the blockchain. It helps you verify that transactions were successful, and tracks other helpful details about transactions and addresses.

Why did my transaction fail?

If your transaction failed, it was probably because someone else bought the Bundle right before you did. Other possible reasons a transaction might fail: manually setting the gas limit too low, or bidding on an ascending auction that increases the price of the Bundle before your bid goes through.

My transaction failed but it still charged me gas.

Gas is paid whenever a request is processed on the blockchain. Even if a transaction fails, it still takes computing power to determine whether or not the transaction can succeed. The Ethereum network charges gas for the operations executed up until the transaction fails. These transaction fees are not paid to ETHERUSH team, but to the Ethereum network and miners.

My transaction timed out.

When a transaction “times out,” it doesn’t mean the transaction has failed, only that the Ethereum network is very busy. As a result, ETHERUSH won’t update until the transaction is finalized in the network.
This can occur because of high gas prices or a spike in network congestion.

Help! My problem wasn’t addressed here. How do I contact the ETHERUSH team?

You can contact us at contact@etherush.io or on
Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit
Please include any relevant info about your wallet or bundle.