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1.8 ETH

Take your chance in space exploration

Callisto commercialization is now officially launched and Consortium space fleet begins to leave the Moon orbit towards Callisto...
Do you want to be part of the first landing team?
Be sure to buy at the lower price and enjoy other presale exclusivities!

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In Etherush, players are prospectors of Callisto, Jupiter’s second-largest moon.
They can acquire and explore plots to find gems and precious minerals to convert in ETH.
Plots can be traded for profit or enhanced to win more ETH.
As the number of players increases, the Etherush universe grows, new game mechanics are added and more rewards can be found…

buy, find, sell, upgrade

Based on Ethereum to ensure secured transactions and full transparency, Etherush uses smart contracts to guarantee ownership and playability for gamers and crypto investors. No ICO, no new token, players exchange their crypto assets directly for Ethers.

Get ready to travel to space
and find hidden treasures on jupiter's moon Callisto

  • Be A Pionneer &
    choose your plots
  • Explore &
    discover your potential
  • Mine &
    take your chance
  • Trade &
    choose your destiny
  • Develop &
    grow your power
    create your team
We Want You as Block Angels


We need you to build together the first free-to-play cryptogame!

21st century look alike monopoly game at the beginning, Etherush intends to empowered players to develop original strategy and bring new ones to enjoy blockchain benefits.

Taking part in the Etherush pre-sale will not only help us produce a quality game that provides to players meaningful blockchain gaming experiences - It will also establish yourself as Pioneers to create with us tomorrow’s cryptogames.

Be part of the first team landing on Callisto by participating in our presale event. Show your support and secure plots for yourself at the lower price - Don’t miss out as quantities are limited!

Our roadmap

  • logo exploration

    EXPLORATION - Presale ongoing

    Discovering Callisto's secrets:

    • - V1 Callisto 3D map release
    • - First districts exploration
    • - First plots Presales
  • logo prospection

    PROSPECTION - Core gameplay [Q4 2018]

    Starting Etherush adventure to win ETH:

    • - First Plots DNA revealed
    • - Online shop and marketplace launch
    • - New districts and new plots available
  • logo development

    DEVELOPMENT - ADD-ON [S1 2019]

    Customizing and enhancing exploitation:

    • - Original customization items
    • - New infrastructure developments
    • - First Mining Corporations
  • logo drilling

    MINING - F2P mod [S2 2019]

    Starting underground exploitation:

    • - Private corporations
    • - Collaborative mining
    • - Free-to-play mobile mining game

Presale is open :

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