AD 2098

The Consortium is the organization in charge of exploring Callisto, the second moon of Jupiter. It's the only one authorized to issues necessary authorizations for the operation of Callisto.

You play the role of a corporation member of the Consortium, whose purpose is to exploit the resources hidden in the Callisto basement.
For that, you can acquire and develop plots to optimiez their efficiency and your earning.

Buy one or more plots and mine them as long as you want!


A plot is the unit of land of Callisto.
Each plot is for sale to anyone who wants to try their luck.

You can own and mine as much plots as you want.
All the the resources you will find in your plots will belong to you.

Each plot has its own specificities, a kind of evolutionary DNA that make it unique.

Its sepcificities give you indication on the chances of finding resources and the mining time required to extract them.

You can then upgrade your plots and improve their efficiency.
This way, you can decide how to make your plots profitable according to youyr own strategy.

You can also resell your plots on the Marketplace.
The more it is upgraded the more value it will have for potential buyers, compared to raw plots sold by the Consortium.

Plots sold by the Consortium in the Etherush store are "raw" because the have never been explored or upgraded.

raw Plots

The Consortium put regulary offers new areas containing raw plots.

The sale of raw plots is used to finance the exploration of Callisto surface.
The price of raw plots is set by the Consortium at a minimum of 0.20 ETH.
As with all transactions, 20% of sales automatically go to the reward pool.

The specificities of a raw plots sold by the Consortium are unknow.
You doesn't know what you will find.
It's only when you become landowner of a raw plot that all its specificies are revealed.

Also, there is a part of chance when you buy a raw plots.
If you prefer to buy plots with known and upgraded features, you can get them on the Marketplace by buying them from other players.

Special Plots

There are special plots that are more likely to find certain resources.
Some of them offer bonuses of up to 200%.

Those special plots are rarer and are spread all over Callisto. On average, you have a chance in eight to acquiring a special plot among the raw plots sold by the Consortium.

The number of special plots is limited. The Consortium estimates that there are only 700 special plots on Callisto.

During pre-sale, the blank plots are sold as exceptional bundles.
In these bundles, half of the plots are special plots!

When you operate a plot, you can find several types of resources:

  • Ores : common resources that will allow you to improve your plots.
  • Platinoids and diamonds: rarer and therefore more valuable resources and you can sell them to the Consortium against ETHs.

Find out all the details on the resources and rewards page.