Take advantage of ETHERUSH presale buy entering the game at the lower price.
You will become a Block Angel and help us to create tomorrow’s cryptogames !

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Etherush is the first chapter of a blockchain-based space adventure where players can change their destiny and those of others.

For the last several months, Ghost Frog team has been working on Etherush, a new game with the final goal of making blockchain accessible to all. We have designed an evolving gameplay to bring more people to understand better this new technology and the new game sensations it could bring.

We are building our game brick by brick beginning with Core gameplay within the blockchain. As other games using this technology, we have incorporated a speculative component. Each operation on Ethereum has a cost (gas), so we can not build this first stage of our rocket without motivate users to contribute.

We call users supporting us since the beginning the Block Angels and we want them to have a special status. Embodying mining companies owner of Callisto plots, they are short-term rewarded of course by presale discounts, but, in a second phase, the creation of a Free-to-Play game layer (interacting with the blockchain) will put them in the center of the game.

Tomorrow, new players will be teams of miners and could, without any cost, play side by side with Block Angels. As in reality where land, labour and capital combine to create value, users have to find together the best productive combination.

Etherush first steps has been totally funded by Ghost Frog. We launch Etherush presale as we need help to develop what’s next to come. Discounts, exclusive bundles, stretch goals… Etherush presale is our way to say thank you to all players who will support us since the beginning.

Their name : the Block Angels. It is up to you to become one of them.


ETHERUSH presale will last 9 weeks with degressive discounts from one week to the next.
For the presale, the Consortium offers the exceptional opportunity to buy bundles of plots at outstanding prices !

You can buy Small or Large bundle with different discounts :


4 plots

0.80 ETH


16 plots

3.20 ETH

SMALL BUNDLE Price Discount
Week 1 0.18 ETH -77.5%
Week 2 0.24 ETH -70%
Week 3 0.30 ETH -62.5%
Week 4 0.36 ETH -55%
Week 5 0.42 ETH -47.5%
Week 6 0.48 ETH -40%
Week 7 0.54 ETH -32.5%
Week 8 0.60 ETH -25%
Week 9 0.66 ETH -17.5%
LARGE BUNDLE Price Discount
Week 1 0.48 ETH -85%
Week 2 0.64 ETH -80%
Week 3 0.80 ETH -75%
Week 4 0.96 ETH -70%
Week 5 1.12 ETH -65%
Week 6 1.28 ETH -60%
Week 7 1.44 ETH -55%
Week 8 1.60 ETH -50%
Week 9 1.76 ETH -45%

Explore the Callisto map and choose the bundles of 4 or 16 plots you want.


During ETHERUSH presale, small and large bundles can be purchased separately and you can buy as many bundles as you want.

You’ll discover the bundles content at the launch of the game in November 2018.

Stretch Goal Bonus

Additional volume bonuses will be granted by the Consortium during presale.
If strech goals are reached, every owner will receive an additional plot for free !

Zone Category Total Plots Large Bundle Small Bundle
Reifnir I 64 2 8
Uksakka I 64 2 8
Orestheus I 64 2 8
Skeggold I 64 2 8
Biflindi II 256 8 32
Nakki II 256 8 32
Agloolik II 256 8 32
Aegir II 256 8 32

Next stretch goal: 384 plots sold before 2018/10/09 at 11:59 GMT

Buying during ETHERUSH presale is not only the way to purchase plots at the best price, but also to benefit from a maximum of the rarest plots to optimize possibilities of sale of plots or discover more rewards!