Privacy Policy - Personal data and cookies

1) Introduction

The privacy policy inform the user the way we are collecting and process your personal data.

In either way, your individual rights will be always prioritized over our interest and we will never use your data for commercial purposes against your will.

For any question about this document, please contact the data processing manager, Maxime VAULLERIN.

2) In charge of treatments mentioned in this document

The responsible for treatments mentioned by this document is the society GHOST FROG, SAS with a capital of 12K€ registered on the number 825 324 411 at the RCS of BOBIGNY (FR), whose the head office is located at: 11 rue des grandes cultures, 931000 MONTREUIL, FRANCE.
The company is represented by his Chief Executive, Romain GAMBIER.

The responsible for data treatments is Maxime VAULLERIN.

3) Data collected and collective procedure

a) Data collected directly

The user may need to communicate information concerning himself.
We only ask for an address mail, only collected during the subscription of the Etherush Newsletter.

b) Data collected through cookies

When the user is on the site, we collect information about the user browsing. Technologies can be used to recolt this data. The main one is the cookie.

About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file which records on the hard disk of the computer or the telephone of the Internet visitor during the consultation of a Web site.
It contains information on the navigation made on the pages of this site. The idea is to facilitate the later use of the site by the same person.
A cookie serves to resume the preferences chosen by a user during the visit, as the selection of the language.

Cookies are managed by the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chromium, Safari) used by the Internet user.
It receives the permission or not to record them on behalf of the server. It is possible to control them, to list them or delete them, according to the wishes of the Internet user. The procedure is explained in the article 7.
Even if they are not deleted, they eventually erase because they have a best before date specified in the article 5. |

Cookies put down by the Company GHOST FROG and subject to the choices of the user give us access in particular to the following information:

  • Identifiers of the used equipment (IP address, identifying Android/Apple...),
  • Operating system used by the terminal (Windows Microsoft, Apple Os, Linux, Unix, BeOS...),
  • Typifies and version of the browser software used by the terminal (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Googles Chrome...),
  • Address of the Internet page from where comes the user,
  • Data navigation on the website and viewed contents.

About sensitive information:
No sensitive information (racial, ethnic origin, political belief, religious or philosophic belief.) is collected on our site.

4) Data use

The collected email addresses are used only for sending newsletters about website.

Cookies are used to measure visits of our site as well as the audience.
They also allow to measure the quality of displayed contents and their adaptation according to the used device (resolution of display, operating system...).

5) Data conservation period

About Newsletter

Your e-mail address will be stored in the database MailChimp up to your unsubscription. The procedure is specified in the article 7.

About cookies

Cookies will be stored during 12 months in the terminal user from his first browsing.

6) Persons who have access to data

The access to users personal data of the website is strictly limited to the employees of the company GHOST FROG, authorized because of their functions and submitted to the respect for the applicable regulations regarding data protection personal, namely :

  • The marketing department for newsletters,
  • The technical department, in case of the corrective or evolutionary maintenance would require to reach the personal data.

The data collected will be communicated on platforms necessary for the proper functioning of the website and its services:

  • the platform of newsletter MailChimp, with its privacy policy lies here
  • Google Analytics, allowing us to obtain anonymous statistics of attendance of our site.(PDF)

You can disable these cookies with the module specified in the article 7.

These platforms have a limited access to data and use them in accordance with the applicable measures regarding data protection personal, according to the data processing agreements, promulgated by the CNIL(NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES) in accordance with the Regulation on the Personal data.

7) User rights

Access to personal data user

The user can unsubscribe of our newsletters by clicking the appropriated link situated at the bottom of our emails.
Once the deregistration is confirmed, the email address concerned will be deleted by our database and the user will receive no more emails from us.

Agreement and cookies managing

It is possible at any time to modify choices regarding acceptance or refusal of cookies deposited on the terminal, either via the browser, or online with various operators.
To manage cookies as closely as possible to your wishes, the user can parametrize his browser by taking into account the purpose of cookies.

Making choices on the browser
It is possible to configure the browser software either in a way that the acceptance or the refusal of cookies are punctually proposed before a cookie may be registered, or to accept / to refuse systematically the recording of cookies in the terminal.

Any configuration on the browser software concerning the refusal of the technical cookies and the features will may alter the comfort of browsing on the website, even prevent the use of certain services requiring the use of the same cookies.

Where necessary, we disclaim all liability for the consequences bound to the functioning degraded of our web sites and our services resulting from impossibility for us to record or to consult cookies necessary for their functioning and which would have been refused or got deleted.

For the cookies managing and your choices, the configuration of every browser is different. She is described in the menu of help of the used browser.

User can also configure the browser so that this one sends a code indicating to the Websites that he does not wish to be followed (" Do not track " option).

About analytics cookies
The analytics cookies allow to obtain anonymous statistics of attendance(company) of our site to optimize it and detect possible dysfunctions. They are deposited on our sites and applications by the Google company Analytics.
The user can disable these cookies with the following module.
https ://

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