During ETHERUSH presale, plots are sold in bundles, half of which will be “Special” plots. There will be 7,000 Special Plots total. After that, they will be gone!

Each plot will contain different resources, as detailed in the table below:

Array rewards

In all, 15 resources could be find on Callisto:
- 5 ores to use as raw materials to upgrade items in the game
- 10 rewards to exchange for ETH in ETHERUSH store.

You will be able to try their luck as many times as you want to. Each plot allows unlimited attempts to find each available ore or reward. The chance of winning will vary according to each resource. What really makes “Special” plots interesting is that will receive an additional 200% bonus for three specific resources in the fifteen possibles, including one ore and two rewards!

If you discover a reward, you will be allowed to exchange this reward for ETH. These ETH will come from Rewards Pool, built with the amount of 20% of all transactions on the platform (presale, store sales, sales between players on the marketplace). More transactions mean more ETH in Rewards Pool and more chance to win.

first rewards etherush

At the beginning of the game, 6 resources will be availables:
- 3 ores: Graphite, Iron, Nickel
- 3 rewards: Ruthenium, Iridium, Black Diamond

New ores and rewards will be discovered during the game.


Tell your friends about it or buy more bundles and maybe you’ll enjoy free plots if we reach the 3 presale stretch goals!

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